1. A women wants to think that he loves her prince is not available, and not suffering from psycho. Men also do not like the so-called hysterical and bombs, of which is unknown, what to expect, because it can explode at any moment. The unpredictability of the partner loosens the nerves and kills the feeling just as bored suggests complete and absolute predictability.9. Rapidly erupted love quickly exhausted. To find happiness as a constant, one of two people to love wisely. If a partner is silent in response to your outrageous indignation, it does not mean that he is deaf, does not mean that he is weak, does not mean indifference. This means that he has a hand in which he himself holds.10. If a partner has learned that you can mistreat you, to convince him otherwise be very difficult.11. If you are unsure whether your planned action, you should refrain from it. It is better to wait until you come to mind the best solution. Avoid activities that require too much effort or expense and give your excessive interest. And then, and another, or not appreciated or depreciated rapidly after, or just scares.12. People tend to feel most comfortable with the women are equal in their social status and being with psychological opposites. In other words, you will approach people with your level of education and similar backgrounds. Remember, to marry a prince on a white Mercedes, must itself be a princess in a red convertible Porsche. Your life values ​​must match. This means that if you have a university degree, you should seek a partner with university diploma. Psychological antipode will stabilize your emotional state. Extrovert introvert is required, the pessimist – an optimist. This rule explains the balance between equal partners unite the social level and general views, on the one hand, and ensuring harmony and balance of psychological opposites, on the other.In summary, the psychologist says, “If the stages of tying and building relationships, you find that one or more principles are violated women, then this person should stay away until you have time to become dependent on the long-awaited, but obviously hopeless feeling.”

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